A “knuckle kiss” is a punch in the kisser, but also a peck on the hand.  It’s with this tough and tender, hard and soft spirit that Knuckle Kiss handmakes its modern, everyday jewelry.

The collection strives for bold, structured forms balanced by the warmth and organic feel of handcrafted work. Knuckle Kiss mixes metals, plays with minimalism, and puts a fresh spin on classic jewelry styles. Above all, the collection embraces the beauty in imperfection.  

The pieces are made with a combination of traditional metalsmithing techniques and modern production methods. 

Each piece is made by hand in Seattle using recycled sterling silver, US-milled brass and nickel, and US-made chains and components. When employing outside manufacturers to help cut or cast designs, Knuckle Kiss works with small, independent studios based here in the US.

The collection is designed and handmade by Angela Delarmente, a maker, writer, and daydreamer.  

She has made jewelry off and on since 1998, when she took her first light metals and jewelry class. She was smitten the moment her jeweler’s saw blade cut into a sheet of sterling silver. Seconds later, when her blade broke, she did not despair. She persisted past busted blades and accidental meltings. Now, she’s pretty handy with a jewelers’ saw and a torch. 

Angela sees jewelry as an intimate object. To an observer it may signify personality, style, and affiliation. To the wearer it's imbued with memories, dreams, and promises.

Though Angela intends to create pieces upon which wearers can apply their own meaning, she still takes inspiration from many sources--from art and architecture to subcultures and symbology. Angela is fascinated by DIY movements, people watching, and narratives of any sort (from literature to film and television). She can be as inspired by a friend's personal style as she is by natural or manmade landscapes.

Angela lives and works in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. She hopes to make something pretty for you someday, and would like to hear from you in the meantime. Drop her a line at knucklekisser(@)gmail.com