Street Side, Beach Side Show and Tell

I finally made a home for some treasures that I found on the street and at the beach. Here are a couple of rings made with steel washers (rusted and worn just so); a delicate white sea glass necklace; a hefty pendant featuring a flat Jasper bead.  I set each element with fine silver bezel wire. 

They're a happy little family.

I love pairing brass and silver; I think it gives some pieces a little more interest and dimension.

Texture! And negative space!

I made the larger washer ring with a brass backing and ring shank that I cut and formed from sheet and wire. For the smaller ring, I used sterling silver all around, except for a sliver of brass filling the slit at one o'clock.

The jasper pendant is reversible. The group photo shows the front, framed by the silver bezel, while the image above shows the backside with brass wire that I flattened and formed. I've been wearing it this way lately. The inclusions in the jasper are fascinating and make the stone feel like a mysterious topographic map.

I've got a bunch of sea glass, washers, beach pebbles, and shell that I can't wait to use. I just need to get myself a diamond drill bit, which I think will cut through some of that material! Advice, anyone?