I was in a Fallow State

What happened to me?

Last August, I quit my seventeen-year smoking habit. If you've ever tried to break up with your cigarettes, you can probably imagine what this means. I've had a couple of slip ups since, but consider the split successful overall. Quitting is an ongoing thing. You have to watch your back.

In early February, my beau and I got engaged. We are getting married in August! I'll be making our wedding rings, so keep an eye out for that post in the coming months.

Between those two events I've spent a lot of time being externally quiet, recharging my batteries, trying to challenge some of my previously held beliefs. This is an oblique answer, I know. Maybe not one for a public blog post. Ask me about it privately and I'll probably tell you.

I think I'm coming out of my fallow state, which will hopefully mean, among other things, more making, blogging, and sharing my work with you.

Thanks for checking in ;)