Fall Photoshoot

Oh, man. It's October, indeed. An unmistakable fall zing is beginning to saturate the air. I rang in the new season by slow dancing in my kitchen with Ben to the song "Harvest Moon" by Neil Young.

I've also started watching Season 2 of Walking Dead and am feeling the need to cocoon with books and video games. I'm also sensing boots, sweaters, pumpkin everything, and soup. Did I mention I bought a slow cooker recently? Fall is ON.

I've also started a Knuckle Kiss Facebook page, which you should check out during your coffee break! Holler!

You'll see photos I took with some lovely friends, Rocio and Rebecca, natural beauties who were kind enough to model some new jewelry for me this past weekend. Rebecca convinced me to take the photos on her iphone with an app called VSCO. Sadly, I'm stuck in 2003 when it comes to cellphones (Remember your flip phone? Well, I STILL have one!). Since hers did such a great job, I decided my next upgrade will be an iphone 5. So easy to use and so much better than my little point and shoot.

Here are some pics from the photoshoot. These pieces will be for sale in my etsy shop.