A Year of Firsts

I hope everyone is having a happy 2013. As for me, the pads of my pointer fingers are callused like a tom cat's paw. Translation: it's been a busy few months!

I've made a simple checklist of things I want to accomplish this year for Knuckle Kiss:

The first two plans are out the gate. 


This morning I found out my application was accepted for this summer's Fremont Fair. What a nice way to wake up. I'm tickled! The fair will be my first big event!

I implore you to come. And visit my booth while you're at it. If you have never been you can expect the following: 100s of vendors with amazing goods! Nude hippies in body paint on bikes! Street food! Bands! Beer garden!



I've secured a collection of pieces at Butter Home, a delicious little boutique in Melrose Market on Capitol Hill. This is also my first consignment experience.

If you're in Seattle and haven't been, you must do yourself a favor and go! You'll find all manner of independently designed home goods, gifts, cards, and jewelry. It's truly a special place and I am thrilled to have some jewelry there.

Here are some of my pieces for sale at Butter Home:


This one will be tricky. Any advice? 

Another thing I should've added to my list is #4 BLOG MORE! I will try to be better about this in 2013.