I'm back from my sunny holiday in So-Cal.

Taking a break from the studio, visiting family, and discovering new sites has me pumped for the new year. With 2015 around the corner, I've been thinking of ways to keep things fresh and make more time for play in the studio.

I’ve decided to create my own RING A WEEK (aka RAW) CHALLENGE. This means I'll be making 52 one-of-a-kind rings in 2015. Just for funsies!

RAW is a less demanding version of the Ring a Day (RAD) Challenge, which yields 365 rings (!) versus 52. I first learned of RAD in 2010 while internet-searching examples of artisan rings.

Running across Ring a Day (RAD) groups on Flickr and beyond, I was immediately interested in the challenge and how it could serve as a visual diary or a platform for experimentation.

Want to see what others have accomplished with their RAD challenges? Designers Victoria Takahasi and Colleen Baran have some excellent Ring-a-Day results posted online. Baran curated a gallery show featuring the RAD work of 65 artists, and there’s even a Ring A Day Book!

      Layout mockup from the Ring A Day exhibit, curated by Colleen Baran.

     Layout mockup from the Ring A Day exhibit, curated by Colleen Baran.

The RAW rules I’m setting for myself are simple: make a ring every week and share the results online.

“Ring” is loosely defined. The pieces can functional or conceptual. They can be made of any material, using any technique.  

Every week, I’ll share images on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Follow me online to see the challenge progress over the year. Look for my first ring by Wednesday, January 7.

If any jewelry makers want to take the challenge with me, let me know at knucklekisser(a)gmail.com. I'd love the company!

Happy 2015!

Before signing off, I want to thank everyone who has supported Knuckle Kiss this past year. Your patronage and your words of support and enthusiasm are everything to me.

Knuckle Kiss is finishing up its second year of business. I’m feeling positive about what’s to come and am so very grateful for all the people who are helping to make this journey possible with their kindnesses, big and small.

I hope your year is filled with love and light. May it be your best one yet.